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Poets are the Voice
of the People


Poetry, as the Voice of the People" is one of our key Artivism forms. From live performances to poetry workshops, Speak Ya Peace NC seeks to elevate poets and their artistry as a tool of awareness, education, and healing for marginalized and oppressed communities.


Never a shortage of poetry

Ideas or thoughts to write

Poetry moves and shapes our life

As we get up, to get up

We move cause life’s a fight

Poetry has no limit

Making your ending your start

Your start your beginning

Always a space for every thought

A Pensoul for every heart that beats to speak

It’s never a shortage or competition

Poetry breeds love and unity not competition

For your thoughts are yours to master

My thoughts for me to say

Rise and shine

Write a poem every day

- Mahlaynee Cooper

Free Verse

In the rebel realm of free verse, Lines break free from the shackles of structure, Verses dance in wild abandonment, No outlines to bind the words, No rhyme or reason to tether the thoughts.

A rebellion against the strict meter, No rules to obey, no rhythmic chains, Free verse poetry, a rebellion of the soul, An unruly canvas for the poet's creation, A rebellion that echoes with every syllable.

In this poetic revolution, Words flow like untamed rivers, Each stanza a declaration of freedom, Every inch of the page, a playground of expression, No permission sought, just creativity unleashed.

The poet, a renegade in the world of form, Crafting meaning without constraints, In the vast expanse of free verse, Imagination knows no boundaries, A rebellion that echoes in every unstructured verse.

- Mahlaynee Cooper

Don’t Be Mad At the Poets

Don’t be mad at the poets

Be mad at the systems

The institutions that cause division

Following the footsteps of their ancestors

Making death a cocktail of desire

Placing history under fire

Calling the truth tellers liars

This is America

We wake up to this

Our view is a house with a white washed Pickett Fence

The American dream is a dream for who

Bending the knee was okay when we were scrubbing floors for you

When we were on the front line fighting wars for you

Don’t be mad at the poets

Expression is the only way to freedom

Art makes beauty from the ashes

The ashes we swept up from the cities you burnt down

Hundreds of years later nothing has changed

A new day, but more of the same

Progress is a word to buffer the oppressor

While inflation is another term for greed

Now they legalizing weed

Causing man made disease

Art is the cure

Poets continue to write

Injustice ain’t a fairytale

It’s all to real



Don’t be mad at the poets

- Mahlaynee Cooper


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