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Poets are the Voice
of the People


Speak Ya Peace NC's premier musical force is our band, SolTree Reign.

SolTree Reign emerged a decade ago, a testament to the undeniable musical connection shaped by the laws of lyrical, harmonical, and musical vibration. Rooted in the acknowledged musical prowess of Mahlaynee Nicole, this venture has blossomed into a full-fledged 5-piece band. Their unique sound and poetic narrative encapsulate themes of love, resistance, truth, and exposure, navigating the complex tapestry of the human experience.

As a vocalist, poet, and lyricist, Mahlaynee Nicole stands at the forefront, channeling the essence of the band's expression. The "SolTree" sound, characterized as seductive, is crafted through the creative musical genius of Royce Williams on keys, Dr. Z, a soulful bass guitarist, flutist, and Djembe player, and Mike Hanson, not only the Last Poet but also the Master Conga Percussionist, band leader, and teacher. Completing the ensemble is Robert Bellamy, known as ScaleHamHawk Da Poet, a rhythmic percussionist player and wordsmith.

Mahlaynee Nicole

Dr. Z

Royce Williams

Mike Hanson

Robert Bellamy

In the spirit of Duke Ellington's wisdom, SolTree Reign plays from the heart, using music as their primary mode of expression. Their 5-piece synergy invites audiences to experience the depth of their original compositions, enriched with a touch of finesse when interpreting covers. Let SolTree Reign "Reign" on you, inviting you to feel the roots of soul and groove to the melodic smoothness of their captivating sound.


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