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Poets are the Voice
of the People


The following are artists who are near and dear to Speak Ya Peace NC.

Information on the core group of artists specific to Speak Ya Peace NC can be found on our Music and Poetry pages.

Mama Makeda

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Makeda Baker, an elder born in Chicago and raised in Chester, SC by her paternal grandparents for her first eight years, has led a rich and diverse life. Educated primarily in Chicago, she pursued nursing at Northeastern Illinois University, earning both a BA and MA. As a mother of two sons, David and DeShawn, Makeda draws inspiration from her grandmother, Maggie, and Mama Harriet Tubman.

Her journalistic career includes eight years with the Chester News, where she wrote and reported with dedication. Beyond journalism, Makeda explored farming, spending four and a half years as a farm intern. She is deeply involved in the arts, contributing to the Latibah Collard Green Museum and serving as coordinator for the Latibah Theatre Ensemble.

Recently, Makeda achieved a significant milestone by completing her doctoral thesis, a testament to her academic prowess and dedication. While awaiting the committee's response, she continues to pursue her passion for poetry, with a particular focus on themes of freedom and evolution. Makeda's commitment to storytelling reflects her belief in the power of words to inspire change and illuminate the human experience.

Rhonda Sekhmet-Ra

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Takeshia M.


Elaine C. Brown

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2nd Great Granddaughter of Josh and Sallie Halsey

Introduction to Elaine C. Brown

@poet_espoken on Instagram


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@tru610 on YouTube.

Kevin Roberts
Digital Media

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Kevin uses his community-focused organization, Grey Raven Media, to provide digital media design and development services for non-profits, community-based organizations, and individuals actively working toward racial equity, violence prevention, capacity-building, and health for marginalized communities.


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