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Poets are the Voice
of the People



Speak Ya Peace NC LLC is a literary business dedicated to fostering social justice through various art forms. We believe in the power of your voice, and through poetry, spoken word, and music, we address the challenges that impact the human condition.

Our platform is designed to facilitate interaction within the global community, welcoming individuals of all ages. We have expanded our reach by organizing events at prestigious institutions such as the University of Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College, Cameron Art Museum, theArtWorks, Cape Fear Museum, Sokoto House, Dreams of Wilmington, and numerous other organizations.

Our focus on poetry, spoken word, and music with a powerful message is exemplified by our band, Soltree Reign, which creates a distinctive sound embodying love, resistance, and truth. Music is our expressive medium, and we play from the heart.

Speak Ya Peace NC serves as a stage for artists to launch, connect, and authentically engage with our communities. Additionally, we conduct poetry workshops that creatively teach individuals how to express emotions and use writing as a healing tool. Collaborating with various community partners, we strive to highlight and address the inequities faced by Black communities.

Let art be the beacon that illuminates the path towards rectifying injustices and promoting positive change.


Mahlaynee Cooper, a multifaceted artist hailing from NYC, embarked on her creative journey at the age of 7, influenced by her father's teachings and admiration for Malcolm X. Relocating from Queens to Brooklyn at 12, Mahlaynee's involvement in the arts thrived throughout her school years, where she honed her skills in writing song lyrics and singing.

Mahlaynee Cooper
AKA Carrie Assata

Transitioning into adulthood, Mahlaynee's passion for poetry and spoken word led to the establishment of Speak Ya Peace NC LLC in Eastern NC, inspired by the tragic death of George Floyd. As an "artivist," she not only provides a space for artists but actively collaborates with organizations such as the Juneteenth committee, Love Our Children, the National Black Leadership Caucus, and The NAACP.

In her role as a teaching artist, Mahlaynee held a residency at the University of North Carolina of Wilmington, teaching the History of Hip-Hop and emphasizing its roots in poetry, addressing injustice. Additionally, she crafted poetry workshops across the city, impacting institutions like Cape Fear Community College, Theatre for All, Dreams of Wilmington, and various private events.

Mahlaynee Cooper's dynamic band has headlined numerous significant events, including Thalian Hall, theArtWorks, UNCW's McNeil Center, the NAACP Banquet, Sokoto House, Live at Ted's, Funkshun at the Junkshun, and the Annual Juneteenth Celebration at the Cameron Art Museum. Their impactful performances resonate throughout the city, moving towards the global stage, delivering a powerful message of Inner-attainment through their blend of artivism encompassing poetry, music, and various forms of artistry.


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